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Posts by Becky Leinweber

The Healing Found in Fly Fishing

Many of you have experienced the healing qualities of fly fishing. Whether you need to de-stress from a challenging job or life circumstances, need the therapy of the gentle flow of water and sounds and smells of nature, or the physical strengthening of tissue and muscle following a medical procedure, fly fishing can provide so…

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Unconventional Tying Materials? Heck Yeah!

By Kristina Dougherty, Angler’s Covey Guide As tyers, you know we’ve all been there, hopelessly searching through your materials for an exact match to what the latest fly pattern calls for. That feeling of despair when you realize you’re missing that one special material that sets that pattern apart. Resigned to your fate you either…

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Ice-off 2017

by Justin Brenner, Angler’s Covey Guide   As the sun takes a higher plane in the late spring, warm chinook winds blow and start to melt the icy edges of our favorite lakes and reservoirs. This is the ice-out phenomenon. Breaking out of their winter lethargy, trout will cruise the warmer shallows in search of…

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Close-up on Umpqua

Recently, the Covey staff gathered for an evening with Josh Graffam, from Umpqua Feather Merchants. Josh spent the first part of his presentation sharing about the history of the company, which is very rich indeed! Many legends of our industry have played a part in the formation of this angling icon.   Although they are…

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Caution The Ark's flows will fluctuate 11/2-11/4

We wanted to give you a heads up. We received word from Colorado Springs Utilities that they will be conducting some testing on their valve systems on the Arkansas River below Pueblo Dam on Monday, November 2 through Wednesday, November 4. Flows are expected to bounce from 60 cfs to over 1000 cfs during that…

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