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Posts by Rachel Leinweber

Bug of the Month: Brachycentrus Caddis

The Brachycentrus Caddis is our May Bug of the Month, not only because of the famous “Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch”, but because this is the time of year this remarkable insect begins to play a much larger role as a food source for trout in both its adult and immature stages. 

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Bug of the Month: Chironomids

In the world of fly fishing, where anglers seek the perfect fly to trick stillwater trout, few bugs can be as effective as chironomids. These tiny, aquatic insects, play a significant role in the diet of trout in lakes and reservoirs. Let’s dig into the world of chironomids and uncover their value in fly fishing.

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Bug of the Month: Soft Hackle Flies

Soft hackle flies, often underestimated, bring a level of elegance and effectiveness to the fly fishing experience. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of soft hackle flies, exploring their history, tying techniques, and tips for how to effectively fish with them.

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Why Would a Fly Fisher Try Ice Fishing?

With our deep dive on Ice Fishing this January, I’ve been asking some questions that a lot of you fly fishers, or ice fishing never-evers like me, may have as well. To answer those, I sat down with our in-house ice fishing (and euro nymphing, tying, guiding, etc.) expert, Hans Mylant. Hans is our primary ice fishing guide and has led the charge in expanding our fly fishing minds to all that ice fishing has to offer.

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