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The Legacy of Carl Roberts (1926-2021)

When you talk with people about Carl Roberts’ commitment to protecting our trout population, a couple of themes surface: advocate, conservationist, visionary. Carl recently passed away at the age of 94. He left, though, a profound legacy with his influence on the Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited (previously known as the Cheyenne Mountain Chapter).…

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Stillwater: Patterns and Techniques

Throughout this season, we will have blog entries that focus on different aspects of stillwater fly fishing.  This week, we’re focusing on early season stillwater patterns with a focus on our Bug of the Month: the Chironomid. Our experts share their techniques for stillwater success, too. (Check out our blog on choosing rods, reels, and…

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Phil shows one of the mountain lake rewards

Easy Access Mountain Lakes by AC Guide Phil Tereyla

Phil Tereyla is one of the fly fishing guides here at Angler’s Covey. In addition to building a fly fishing guide career that has spanned fourteen years, Phil has been a contributor to American Angler Magazine (read his “Simple Stillwater Solutions”). He sat down to talk about his second book, coming out later this spring,…

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Stillwater Fly Fishing Gear: Grow Your Adventure

Stillwater is often the overlooked, under-utilized resource when it comes to this fly fishing adventure.  And it’s sort of a sad fact. As Kenny Romero, one of our guides, says, “you’re missing the boat (pun intended) if you’re not exploring stillwater fly fishing.”  It will push you out of your comfort zone, for sure, but…

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fish on the spawning bed

The Spawn is On

It’s that time for spring’s great rebirth and rejuvenation. Spring in Colorado means spawning rainbow trout — and it means a new conviction to treat the fish right.  The spawn is on. This issue is just black and white:  stay off the redds.  So what does that mean — stay off the redds — and…

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