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Winter Adventure: The Colorado Trifecta

This month’s guest blogger is Andrea Pasquan, the Executive Assistant at Angler’s Covey and owner of Urbean. She and her friend, Garrett Nelson, recently went on a winter adventure and nailed The Winter Trifecta. You can follow Andrea on IG @drepasquan and Garrett @gnelson42. Garrett strives to spend most of his free time outdoors, with…

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Winter Fly Fishing: Adventure First

This isn’t a blog about the typical guidance for winter fly fishing:  effective layering, winter safety, wading and walking tips when on icy banks, hypothermia, patterns to try, tricks and techniques to make the experience a productive one. This is a blog about the experience, the fly fishing adventure. Isn’t that what motivates us to…

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Fishing Reports on our Website

You’ve seen Fishing Reports on other websites. You read through the report with excitement and mentally plan your trip. Then you scroll back up to re-check the date only to discover that the report is from March 2019 written by a guy who is no longer even around. Well, welcome to the new feature on…

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Guest Blogger: Chris Hanson

Our guest blogger for January is Chris Hanson, the owner and CEO of 3GEngagement, a digital marketing company specializing in search engine marketing and optimization for automotive businesses across the United States. Chris has been a great friend of the shop, a sponsor of the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and admits that he is “a…

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