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Focus on Floatants

This summer, we are going to present a series of blogs on different elements of dry fly fishing. This week’s focus: floatants. Gone are the days where a tube of gink was your only option for keeping your fly dry. Now, though, the options are overwhelming and can get confusing fast. When and why do…

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Mini-Destination: A Story in Photos

Kaylee Pacheco shares her story. We welcome guest bloggers to submit their experiences! My boyfriend, Ryan, and I always have made it a priority to make the mini destination trip to Three Rivers Resort hosted twice a year by Angler’s Covey. This would be my third time on this trip and Ryan’s fourth. The morning…

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Bug of the Month: Caddisfly

As we move into May, we begin to see the water temps rise and, with that increase, bug life begins to … well… emerge. Even though the mix of insect life is really rich and varied in May, the nod for “Bug of the Month” goes to the Caddisfly.  In his article, “Anticipating a Caddisfly…

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One Year Later: In the Shop & On the Water

Whew. One year ago, in April of 2020, almost everyone at Angler’s Covey had been laid off. For a few weeks, the shop operated solely with a curb-side service. Rachel Leinweber, General Manager, took orders over the phone and then filled brown paper bags with flies, line, reels, tippet, leader …  On May 1, 2020,…

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Stewardship: Preservation, Conservation, Restoration

How we treat our land, how we build upon it, how we act toward our air and water, in the long run, will tell what kind of people we really are. ~~ Laurance S. Rockefeller Quoted by Terry Tempest Williams in The Hour of Land:  A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks The theme for Earth Day 2021…

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