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Where to Go Arkansas River – Pueblo

Current Reports

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February- EGGS!

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WINTER HOURS- 9am to 6pm Daily

Photo by Covey Guide Brian Hilbert


Report Date: 2/6/2023 

Current Conditions: 

 The flows are currently at 109 cfs. and are just about average for this time of year. Flows should fluctuate between 80-120 cfs through the winter. The clarity is great and the sight fishing has been very fun. The water temps warmed up quite a bit over the last few days. Fish are occupying deeper runs until the bugs start hatching. The warmer weather kicked things up a bit and the fishing has been great! The fishing is still technical and your drifts will need to be right on their face as they are not moving much to eat ... until the bugs start hatching. Then they will venture into seam lines and riffles to feed aggressively. While you may still see a rogue mayfly, it's pretty much midges that are ruling the hatches. The crowds have been extremely thick, especially on weekends or really warm days. The fishing has been excellent with the right flies presented properly.


Water temps are cool but warming slightly and are supporting decent midge hatches each day. Cold mornings will delay the bug activity and sustained cold mornings will hamper any hatches at all. It's definitely smaller bug season on the tailwater and be sure to be armed with various patterns and sizes in both midges and even some BWO's. The prime fishing times are from about 10am to 4pm and the fishing has been consistent right as the midges are fully hatching. That can vary day to day, but they typically get going about 11am-noon.  Nymphing is always the most effective method here but there has been some decent-to-great dry fly fishing depending on the day. 


Nymphing will be the best bet for consistent fishing.  Streamers may also entice some eats. You may get some dry fly opportunity here and there as well, but that is also dependent on the day and the temps, weather, etc.  Fish are occupying the deeper runs and slots, but will start to move into the riffles as the water temps warm and bugs start hatching.  Be sure to drop down in your tippet size (5x and 6x) and fly pattern sizes, too (#20-24). This is a great time to fish the river Euro style, or straight-line nymphing has been effective as well. 


 February has started off very nicely in the area. We saw temps in the 60's over the weekend. The fish responded as well and seemed to be happy it was not as cold. As we head through February we will likely start to see some more nice days mixed in with some winter days. Remember, this river can be adversely affected during big cold spells. The mornings have been chilly and we are seeing pretty consistent water temperatures in the upper 30's/ lower 40's. This week will not be quite as warm as this last weekend, but it will be slightly above average and still very nice! Thursday looks to be the coldest day with a high of 43 degrees. Otherwise, look for mid 50's throughout the week.  Precipitation does not look like a factor this week either. In all, things are looking great to hit the tailwater this week. On fishing days, give it some time before you hit the water. There is no need to be there early. 


As noted above, good presentation and the right terminal tackle and flies are KEY right now. It has been extremely busy on the tailwater. Especially on weekends. There is a lot of water here to fish. Try going right in town for some surprising solitude and excellent fishing. NOTE: If you do fish in town, we recommend you don't leave anything in your car. Only take what you will have on your person. Thieves have been breaking into cars around town. 

This is an area we offer guided walk/wade and float trips, please give us a call if you are interested! 


For a custom fly assortment for this location, click here! 

Our top 6 nymphs for today- 

  • Zebra, sizes 20-24
  • Top Secret, brown. Size 20, 22, 24
  • Egans Frenchie-black- Size 16 & 18
  • Mayers mini leach jig, brown, black. Sizes 16 & 18
  • RS2, grey, black, and purple. Sizes 20 & 22
  • Purple Haze. Sizes 20 & 22 

Our top 6 Dry flies for today- 

  • Mole Fly, brown. Size 22 
  • Neil's BWO, green. Sizes 22 & 24
  • Matt's Midge, black. Size 22
  • Iwane Dun, green. Sizes 22 & 24
  • Comparadun, green. Size 22
  • Parachute Adams. Sizes 22 & 24 

Our top Streamer patterns for today- 

  • Laser legal, Natural. Size 4
  • Double Gonga, yellow. Size 4
  • Autumn Splendor, brown. Size 8


Standard nymph rig set up. 



The tailwater on the Arkansas River has blossomed into one of the best fisheries in the state, and it's a short distance from town. Fish populations are very healthy here and even hold some truly goliath trout. The technical angler will be perfectly at home here. If you go further into town, you will also find many other different species of fish, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, and even carp.

This area is oftentimes best fished in the shoulder seasons or winter due to high flows in the summer. But don't let bigger flows stop you! We are the only outfitter on the front range that offers both guided walk/wade and float trips here.

This is an area we specialize and are permitted to guide in, so give us a shout if you have any question or if you are interested in allowing one of our Orvis Endorsed Guides show you how best to conquer the Arkansas River – Pueblo.

Interested in Booking a Trip?

Directions - 50 miles - 50 Minutes

  1. From Anglers Covey: take I-25 south to Pueblo
  2. Get off on the highway 50 exit and go right
  3. Take highway 50 to Pueblo Blvd. and turn left
  4.  Turn right on Thatcher and take Thatcher to Valco Ponds.