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Where to Go Beaver Creek – Above Penrose

Beaver Creek's headwaters begin at the top of Pikes Peak. The creek cuts its way down to the Arkansas River with most of its water pumped into Brush Hollow Reservoir. Most of the stream travels through a rugged canyon known as Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area. The lower access to the canyon is through Penrose. The lower canyon is carved through red rock, and wading the stream is often the only access. You can hike and fish this area and see very few people, if any, all day.

Accessibility: Dirt roads take you to the trail head but 4-wheel drive is not required. Hiking, however, is required and at times wading the stream is necessary. Fishing is best if you wait until you pass the diversion dam. There are two trails, generally pretty well maintained, but in places hiking can be challenging, so watch your step. Plan on plenty of time for your hike in and out of the canyon.

Elevation: Near the trailhead, the elevation is 5,720 feet. It rises to just over 9,200 feet.

Distance: 52.5 miles from Colorado Springs / 1.5 hours

Season: Because this area is at a lower elevation, it's a good spot for your first Spring outing. It will be warmer than other areas. Summer and fall are also good times to fish here.

Fly patterns: Hopper patterns, Elk Hair Caddis, Amy’s Ant, Yellow Humpies, Beadhead droppers.

Fish species: Brown Trout, Brook Trout, some Rainbow Trout

Fishing Regulations: Standard Colorado

Techniques & Tips: Fishing is best if you hike past the the diversion dam. This stream offers some open and meadow areas as well as tighter, more forested sections. There are boulders and pools deeper in the canyon.

Camping: Is allowed

Kids: Yes, but younger kids will have a harder time on the trail, especially in the canyon.

Additional Information: If you hike into the canyon where it is more remote, we recommend good hiking boots, carrying water/good filter, and a first aid kit. Mountain lions have been sighted in the area. There is a nearby shooting area so if you hear shots echoing in the canyon, that is likely why. In the fall, hunters are in the area and share the parking lot.

Directions - 48.3 Miles - 1 Hour 2 Minutes

  1. Head south on S 21st St toward US-24 W
  2. Follow CO-115 S to 3rd St in Penrose
  3. Take Upper Beaver Creek Rd to your destination