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Where to Go Cochetopa Creek

Cochetopa Creek is mostly private, but two easements within Cochetopa SWA, Coleman Ranch and Synder Ranch, now combine to give access to eight miles of the stream. This is a catch and release area with fly and lures only. The creek runs through a big open valley with few trees. Wind can be an issue at times because of the exposure.

Directions - 173 Miles - 3 Hours 20 Minutes

  1. Head south on S 21st St toward US-24 W
  2. Turn right onto US-24 W/W Hwy 24
  3. Turn left onto US-24 W/US Hwy 285 S
  4. Continue to follow US Hwy 285 S
  5. Turn right onto US-50 W
  6. Turn left onto CO-114 E
  7. Turn left onto County Rd WW 13