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Where to Go Grape Creek – Above Temple Canyon

Grape Creek is a major stream that drains the majority of the Wet Mountain Valley in south central Colorado. Water flow through the area is controlled upstream by DeWeese Reservoir. The Colorado Division of Wildlife and BLM are working with the irrigation company to provide managed flows that will enhance Grape Creek's fishery. The reservoir controls the creek's flow and maintains a steady volume most of the year. This lower elevation area is best fished in the spring, early summer and fall seasons.

Accessibility:  There are two areas to fish here. The first is Temple Canyon Park which is own and managed by the city of Canon City. You can access this area just west of Canon City or by taking Temple Canyon Road. The upper access has parking next to a bridge and you can hike downstream or upstream.




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Additional Information: Grape Creek State Trust Land is closed June1st through August 14th. The sign below is only available to be viewed by those that choose to trespass. Beyond this sign is public land.

If you hike upstream from the bridge there is a new disappointing development. Approximately 1/2 mile upstream from the bridge there is a small section of private property between Temple Canyon Park and Grape Creek State Trust Land. The land owner has just recently put a new gate up and posted no trespassing signs. The word is they are tired of picking up trash left by the visiting public. The only access into this area is this hiking trail and "risk- taking" anglers may choose to trespass at their own risk. This section is just over 1,000 feet of trail and after passing though you reach the Grape Creek State Trust Land.

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Directions - 50.1 Miles - 1 Hour 7 Minutes

  1. Head south on S 21st St toward US-24 W
  2. Follow CO-115 S and US-50 W to S 1st St in Cañon City
  3. Take Riverside Ave to Grape Creek Dr