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Where to Go South Platte River – Elevenmile Canyon

Current Reports

Denver Water has been doing repairs on the dam for a couple of months now. That project is slated to finish up in the coming weeks.

 The flows have doubled in the canyon and has made fishing a whole lot better. Flows will likely be lowered in the near future.

The fishing has been solid in the canyon despite less than favorable conditions. With the crowding on the Dream Stream we have seen it busier than usual in the canyon. There is no sense getting to the water any earlier than 8am as its been very cold at night there.

Click Here for our recent blog about the spawn and the importance of protecting this resource.

Effective Patterns:


Eggs (18), Mayer's mini leach in black (18)
Miracle midge, Black Beauties, zebra midges, Blindside midge, Money midge, buckskins, red larva, Mercury midge, Juju midge, all in sizes 20-24.
Sniper baetis, Jedi Master, pheasant tails, RS2 (grey and purple), purple haze, red headed stepchild, Cheesman Emergers, Barr's emerger in BWO, Stalcups baetis, all in sizes 18-24


Matthews sparkle dun (20), BWO Comaparadun (22), Iwane Dun (22), Neils BWO (20-22), Almost Dun (20), Griffiths gnat (20-24), Matt's Midge (22), Mole Fly (22-24)

Elevenmile Canyon is our local gem. Any seasoned angler will agree that the South Platte River in Elevenmile Canyon is the place to go for unparalleled beauty. Elevenmile Canyon is also the place to go if you just want to catch a fish. Per mile this stretch of river seems to consistently hold more fish than any other river within an hour's drive from Colorado Springs. It is the place to go where you stand the best chance to get into one of the various beautiful species of trout that call the South Platte River home.

If you needing some extra help, Angler's Covey is the only full service fly shop with a permit to guide in Elevenmile Canyon and our Orvis Endorsed Professional Guide would be happy to set up a trip for you.

Elevenmile Canyon is also a great winter fishing destination because it is a tailwater. A tailwater fishery is where a river comes out below a dam consequently during the winter months that means the water temps are just slightly warm enough to stay relatively free of ice all year. If you can find a spot in the upper stretch of the canyon where the sun hits the water you can find feeding fish. This time of year can be the most productive for solitude seeking anglers who aren't afraid of using light tippets and very small flies.

This is an area we specialize and are permitted to guide in, so give us a shot if you have any question or if you interested in allowing one of our Orvis Endorsed Guides show you how best to conquer South Platte River – Elevenmile Canyon.

Interested in Booking a Trip?

Directions - 37.1 miles - 46 Minutes

  1. Head west on US-24 W/Cimarron St/Midland Expy toward S 21st St go 36.3 miles.
  2. Turn left in Lake George on Co Rd 96, go 1.1 mile, follow river into canyon