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Where to Go Tarryall Reservoir

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August- Terrestrials!

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Report Date: 8/30/2023  

Current Conditions: 

Its past mid August and its certainly feeling like it. Some hot days have slowed down the fishing a bit outside of the hatches, but overall its been fishing decent. The mornings have been best before it heats up. There are still a few callebaetis hatching, but not on a mass scale.  After that, the damselflies have earned the attention of the trout. Expect gaps between action as that is very common in stillwater fly fishing. Focus on shallower water when the damsels are starting to move around. Stay persistent. The fish are spread out and there is opportunity all over the lake. While you can still get some chances from shore, some type of watercraft is ideal. Float tubes, kayaks, and boats are all great ways to fish this lake.  Anglers will have success fishing under indicators, slow crawling bugs, and even stripping streamers. Your fishing location on the lake will be key right now.


 Again, a few Callebaetis are still hatching and the fish are still keying in on them. This hatch is starting pretty early each day and is lasting about 1 1/2 hours. After that we are seeing some good damselfly activity. These bugs are easier to focus on in their premature life stages, but you can still get some opportunity on the surface. Leaches, scuds, and even worms are all taking some fish, and dont forget about streamers!


 Static indicator nymphing is usually the most effective method, but slow stripping flies (crawling) will also be a good bet right now, especially for damsels.  Depth will be key and at this time of year the fish will be in all sorts of different depths of water. On your static rigs, be sure to space your flies out so you can cover different areas of the water column. If you are crawling flies, be sure to use a type 1 or 2 intermediate sink line. These are a great tool for this technique.  Streamers have also been taking a good amount of fish. We would advise using some extremely heavy terminal tackle for streamers. There are Tiger Musky in this lake and they have been known to attack streamers. 40+ lb. fluorocarbon is a good idea.  Go heavy on your other terminal tackle with 3x and even 2x. Stillwater fish are not leader shy..Take advantage of that. Its also a great time to throw hopper/dropper rigs!


   We will see a return of summer temps for the next 7 days or so. Highs will be in the 0's with little chance of precipitation. 


  Fish will be cruising in pods looking for food. You may get hits one after another and then experience a slow down. This is common in stillwater and represents that feeding behavior. Stay mobile, and if you are not getting any action start to play with your depth. The right depth will be key right now. Expect to see trout feeding anywhere from 10 feet to 20+ feet of depth.  A little bit of wind is a GOOD THING for stillwater, dont get discouraged if there is wind in the forecast. 

This is an area we offer guided walk/wade and boat trips. There is no better way to learn our trophy stillwater fisheries than hiring one of professional Guides!  Please give us a call if you are interested! 


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Our top 6 nymphs for today- 

  • Chans baby damsel, green,. sizes 12-16
  • Balanced damsel, green, sizes 10-12
  • Slapshot Scud. orange, olive. Sizes 14-16
  • Bubbas Callebaetis. brown, sizes 14-16
  • Frostbite Chironomid, brown, sizes 14-18
  • Tereyla's Lightspeed leach. Black, brown. Sizes 14-16

Our top Dry flies for today- 

    • Parachute Adams, brown Size 12-16
    • Adult damsel. olive/blue, size 12-16
    • Amy's Ant. Green, red, sizes 12-14


Our top Streamer patterns for today- 

  • Meat Whistle, white, brown, black. Size 6-8
  • Slumpbuster. All colors, Sizes 6-8
  • Wooly bugger. Black, brown, olive, Sizes 4-12




in This is an area we specialize and are permitted to guide, so give us a shout if you have any questions or if you are interested in allowing one of our Orvis-Endorsed guides showing you how to conquer Tarryall Reservoir.

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Distance - 62.2 miles - 1 Hour 20 Mins