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Where to Go Tarryall Reservoir

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Report Date: 7/11/2024  

Current Conditions: 

The fishing has been great on Tarryall. This south park lake is a bit smaller and lesser known than the others but can provide some very fun fishing. There are good numbers of callibaetis and damselflies right now.  This can be one of the most exciting times of year in our stillwater with the large mayfly hatches. The fish have really spread out and some type of watercraft to access more locations is ideal right now. Shore fishing can still be had but it has gotten tougher.  All stillwater venues have been busy with the high flows in all of the rivers.



We are still seeing chironomids, but the callibaetis are the big news right now. These mayflies are preferred food sources by the trout and they will gorge themselves on this large mayfly. Damselflies are also prevalent right now and can afford some very fun stripping and even dry fly fishing. Focus on the callibaetis and damsels in both their premature and adult stages. Leeches, scuds, and streamers are also working well right now.


The majority of fish have spread out into the lake a little more and float tubes, kayaks, or boats are the way to go right now. Try static indicator nymphing at various depths, or even midge stripping the above hatches. Sometimes these fish like horizontal movement in the presentation. The depth you are fishing will be THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in nymphing. Space out those flies to find the feeding depth easier. Depth have varied in the 3-14 foot range for feeding fish. The pike fishing has been super fun here as well. Tarryall offers some of the "easiest" pike fishing in our area.


Summer can be an exciting time of year on stillwater. The menu of food is increasing and the fish become pretty active. Fish at various depths until you find the trouts preferred feeding zone. Sometimes this will only be about 2-3 feet under the surface, or just off the bottom of the lake. Fishing will be pretty good while the hatches are happening and will almost completely shut off once the hatches are done.


Short Term-  We are entering an extremely hot period of weather over the next several days. We could see record high temperatures in this area. Mid 80's will be common over the next 4 days. A rogue storm could pop up, but for the most part rain chances are also slim during this time. The wind conditions do look great though.

Long Term-  Looking past this coming weekend, we will cool down a bit and return to more seasonal average temps. Rain chances also increase after the weekend and we will need some precipitation after this upcoming hot weather. Temps will return to the 70's next week. Any storms should happen in the afternoons and some of them could be severe. Its always a good idea to watch both the weather forecasts this time of the year. In the longer term, some forecasts are pointing to sustained hot and drier weather. This could be the start of wildfire season here in Colorado. Please be responsible!


This is an area we offer guided fly fishing trips. Angler's Covey is home to some of the best and most passionate stillwater experts in the area. If you would like to try your hand at stillwater fly fishing, give us a call! You wont be disappointed.


Our Top Nymphs for Today:

* Galloups callibaetis, size 16

* Mini leech jig damsel, size 14

* Poxyback Callibaetis, size 16

* Bubbas callebaetis, size 16

* Hares Ear, size 14-16

Our top Dry Flies for Today:

*Parachute Adams, sizes 14-18

*Adult damsel, size 14

Morrish May, grey, size 14-16


Pike Flies-

  • Bunny leaches, red/white, size 2/0
  • Barrys Pike Fly, all colors, size 1/0, 2/0

in This is an area we specialize and are permitted to guide, so give us a shout if you have any questions or if you are interested in allowing one of our Orvis-Endorsed guides showing you how to conquer Tarryall Reservoir.

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Distance - 62.2 miles - 1 Hour 20 Mins