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Where to Go Tarryall Reservoir

Current Reports

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Updated 7/21/21

Tarryall is full and fishing well. Fish have started to feed out a little more toward the center. You will still get cruising fish on the shorelines though.

Watercraft will be your best bet. Belly boating or kayak fishing about 20-30 feet from shore has been good also.


Fishing well in the limited public sections. Try above the lake too for some solitude.

Effective Patterns

Chironomids, callebaetis, damsels, leeches, scuds, hoppers!!


in This is an area we specialize and are permitted to guide, so give us a shout if you have any questions or if you are interested in allowing one of our Orvis-Endorsed guides showing you how to conquer Tarryall Reservoir.

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Distance - 62.2 miles - 1 Hour 20 Mins