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Fly Fishing 101Class

Orvis 101 Introduction to Fly Fishing

1 Hour 15 Min. Intro Class

If you want to peek in the window or if you have limited funds, then our Orvis 101 is the Introduction to Fly Fishing Class for you. In this 75-minute class, you will learn the answers to these questions:

  • What is fly fishing and how is it different from other approaches to fishing?
  • What is entomology (bug stuff) and why is it important to know?
  • Which knots are important to know for fly fishing?
  • How are fly rods “rigged” and why?
  • What is unique about casting a fly rod – and why is it so beautiful?
  • What are the basic equipment needs for getting started in fly fishing equipment?

The cost for the Introduction to Fly Fishing Class is $10, however when you attend the class you will be given a $15 gift card! That's right - we pay you to learn to fly fish!