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Learn toFly Fish

At Angler's Covey we want to give you as many options as possible for you to start your adventure in fly fishing. No matter how you get started, fly fishing is waiting for you!

All of our classes are available for groups at custom dates and times. Please contact us for more details.

Orvis 101 Introduction to Fly Fishing Class

1 Hour 15 Min. Intro Class

If you want to peek in the window or if you have limited funds, then our Orvis 101 is the Introduction to Fly Fishing Class for you. In this 75-minute class, you will learn the answers to these questions:

  • What is fly fishing and how is it different from other approaches to fishing?
  • What is entomology (bug stuff) and why is it important to know?
  • Which knots are important to know for fly fishing?
  • How are fly rods “rigged” and why?
  • What is unique about casting a fly rod – and why is it so beautiful?
  • What are the basic equipment needs for getting started in fly fishing equipment?

The cost for the Introduction to Fly Fishing Class is $10 - but- when you attend class you will receive a $15 gift card! We pay you to learn to fly fish!

Orvis 201 Class

3-hour Streamside Class Cost: $75

When you have completed one of the three tracks (Orvis 101, Discover Fly Fishing, or Guided Instruction), you are well prepared for our Orvis 201 Class.

Your Orvis-endorsed Instructor will provide instruction at one of our local fisheries for your chance to put all that you have learned into practice on the water. While this is not a “guided trip,” per se, it is an opportunity to land your first fish while learning from the guide.

Introduction to Aquatic Entomology And Fly Selection

2 hour Intro Class Cost: $40

This class has a scientific title for one of the most fundamental elements of fly fishing: aquatic entomology and its direct relationship to proper fly selection. It’s a class about bugs and a bug’s life! Learn how to connect the dots between local hatches, insect lifecycles, and choosing the most productive patterns while fishing. This class serves as a terrific precursor to our 2-day Advanced Lecture and Streamside Entomology Class. Pair this class with our Fly Tying series of courses to master the hatch.

Discover Fly Fishing Introduction Class

3 Hour Intro Class Cost: $40

If you want a little more detail with more complete instruction, then check out our Discover Fly Fishing Class. In this 3-hour introduction, participants will have hands-on experiences to explore the following topics:


  • What is fly fishing?
  • What basic entomology, the bug stuff, is important to know? Specifically, we’ll discuss:
    • Insect Orders
    • Life cycles
  • When is it necessary to wade, and how do we wade safely in moving water?
  • What fly fishing knots are necessary and how do we tie them? Specifically:
    • Learn to tie tippet to fly line
    • Learn to tie a fly on to tippet
  • How do we rig a fly rod for different fly fishing approaches (e.g. nymphing, dry fly fishing)?
  • What are some fish habits we need to know to be more effective anglers?
  • How do we “read the river” to find where fish are most likely to be?
  • In general, what are some fly fishing strategies that help us get fish to the net?
  • What is appropriate fly fishing etiquette when we are on the water?
  • What should an angler look for when purchasing a fly rod?
  • What should an angler look for when buying waders and wading boots?

The class cost is $40.00 and includes The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing (a $12.95 retail value).


1 Hour  PRIVATE LESSONCost: $40/hr

Our Casting Classes are private instruction sessions with individual appointments set up between the students and instructor. The course covers the following topics and will answer specific questions from the student:

  • How does fly casting work?
  • How do we roll and overhead cast, and when should we use these methods?
  • What are some techniques for casting in windy conditions?
  • What are effective and efficient line management strategies, including stripping line?
  • What are some techniques for hooking, landing, and releasing fish in efficient ways that maintain the health of the fish?

The cost of the casting class is $40 per hour. The class may include between Please give Jon at call at 719-471-2984 or click the link below to schedule!

Guided Instruction Course

4 Hours On-The-Water Instruction Cost: $395 for 1, $495 for 2, $595 for 3

If you're ready to pull on some waders, lace up the wading boots, and jump in with both feet, then we recommend our Guided Instruction Course. This 4-hour course has the best classroom: the river.  Your Orvis-endorsed Guide is also your instructor.

Your guide/instructor will discuss your specific goals with you and evaluate your particular needs to tailor their instruction to help you improve your fly fishing experience.

Because your time is valuable, this format allows us to schedule an instructor on the day and time that works best for you. You can also share this experience with a friend and reduce your individual cost.

Included with the class fee is your use of a rod and reel (if necessary), waders, and all flies.

The Guided Instruction Course with four hours of on-the-water instruction for 1 Person is $395.00. Bring a friend, and the cost is $247.50 per angler.