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InstructionalGuided Trip

Angler's Covey Guided Instructional Fly Fishing Trips

Take your fly fishing abilities to a whole new level with instructional guided fishing trips at Angler's Covey! These trips are basically the same thing as a regular guided trip. But the focus is more on progressing the angler in areas to help them become more self sufficient on the water.

We're proud to say that our guides are some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and gifted instructors in the nation who can help you improve in every aspect of your fly fishing game. Our trips are fully customizable to your learning needs. Learn more about entomology and fly selection, get better at reading the river and locating fish, gain better command of your casting, fly presentation, drifting, line control and landing fish. Our Orvis-Endorsed guides can elevate your skills in all of these areas and more.

Book an Instructional Guided Trip 1-3 People

An instructional guided trip at Angler's Covey can fast-track your fly fishing skills. All of our guided trips are fully customized and include everything you'll need to get started, including rod, reel, flies, & waders. Or, bring your own gear! Our guides would love to talk shop, help you get the most out of your favorite flies and recommend your next toy from our fly shop. Our instructional trips are fully private so you get the personalized attention you need to master a new skill quickly and enjoy its benefits on the water right away. Fishing with a guide means you'll get to know the water better, understand how the weather conditions come into play, try some new equipment, reach some hard-to-access areas and -- most importantly -- learn how to catch more fish!