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AboutAnthony Surage

Anthony Surage, a native Jersey boy and Rutgers grad, has been guiding for over 35 years. A retired school teacher, he loves teaching the science and art of fly fishing to all anglers, from first timers to experts. Over the years he has guided thousands of adults and children throughout the waters of Colorado helping them to perhaps catch their first fish on a fly while experiencing the beauty and wonder of being in nature. He loves to teach others how to sight fish:  intentionally casting to specific fish visible below the surface. You can read more from Anthony on his blog: Musings of Spirit and Soul on the River.

A Couple Recent Reviews For Anthony:

We went out with the Anglers Covey Fly Shop to Eleven Mile Canyon and had a great time! Our guide's name was Anthony and he was very knowledgeable and great to work with. He knew the best spots to go fish, was patient and did a great job teaching me (it was my first time EVER fishing - let alone fly fishing!). I would HIGHLY recommend him!

I waited for several years to take this trip with my 2 sons. I wanted them to be old enough to get out on their own and be able to enjoy fly fishing. I booked the trip through Phil Benton and was kept informed as time went on through their updates and website. Our guide, Anthony Surage, contacted me a few weeks in advance to find out what we were interested in and to learn about our skill level (beginners) as well as any goals we might have. Anthony maintained great contact with me leading up to the trip. We met at our prearranged location and over the course of the next week, Anthony took us to various spots around the Colorado Springs area. He constantly worked with each of us, improving our ability and making it so much fun. Catching fish was secondary to the good times and laughs we had with Anthony. He was able to make the entire trip so much fun and a real learning experience for my boys and I. Anthony was a master guide and with his help, we dramatically improved our skills by the end of the week. We laughed to ourselves because it seemed whenever Anthony would walk over near one of us, that person would catch a fish. He is the "trout whisperer!" We will definitely be going back to spend some more time with Anthony. And . . . the fishing was fantastic!