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AboutJoe Reuter

Joe Reuter has lived in Colorado since he was six years old, and will tell you his interest in fly fishing was sparked by an Entomology class he took in high school where he learned about aquatic insect life, tying flies, and casting at the local park.  While his friends bait fished, Joe, armed with his curiosity about a sport he knew next to nothing about, a fly rod, and the flies he tied in class, started his journey into fly fishing. Thirty years later, fly fishing has become a passion for Joe.  For him, fly fishing is about being outdoors and the challenge of catching a beautiful fish.  No matter what kind of day or week he’s had, Joe knows the water will give him a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and experience the quiet and solitude of nature. When he’s not fly fishing (which, his wife will tell you, is never) Joe is tying flies, cooking gourmet meals in the kitchen, or hanging out with his wife, cats and dogs.  Joe hopes to pass on his knowledge of and love for fly fishing to newcomers and seasoned fly fishers alike.