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Where to Go Antero Reservoir

Current Reports


Updated 5/4/2021

Antero is full and the fishing has been great from shore or slightly off shore. Suspending nymphs at 3-4 feet or stripping streamers and leeches has been effective.

Be sure to check out our stillwater fly selection for the best patterns for South Park.



Chironomids in sizes 14-18, orange scuds in 10-12, Leech patterns in black, brown, or olive.

Antero Reservoir is a shallow reservoir with healthy plant life and more scud shrimp than you can shake a hook at. Because it is so loaded with these protein-rich shrimp the trout feed on, their growth rate is significantly higher than fish in most other reservoirs within a reasonable driving distance. So if you have an appetite for catching large and beautifully colored Rainbows and Browns, consider Antero. Flies of choice are as follows: Scudzillas, Olive or Black streamers such as a Wooly Bugger, red or black Tungsten Rojo Midges, Beadhead Hare's Ears, Egg patterns, and Schroders Callibaetis.

This is an area we specialize in and are permitted to guide, so give us a shout if you have any questions or if you are interested in allowing one of our Orvis-Endorsed guides show you how best to conquer Antero Reservoir.

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Distance - 73.2 miles - 1 Hour 20 Minutes