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Guided StillwaterBoat Trip

Angler's Covey Guided Stillwater Boat Fly Fishing Trip

Rivers and streams are the natural habitat for the fly fisherman -- but sometimes there's nothing like the serene stillness of angling on a boat in the middle of a lake as the mist rises on a summer morning. Our area stillwater fisheries are amongst some of the best in the world. We recommend every angler try their hand at this type of fishing. But be warned, you will be changed forever!

With many lakes and reservoirs just a short drive away, Angler's Covey is the perfect place to find experienced guides who can help you get the most out of your next boat trip. For beginners and experienced anglers alike, our guides will customize your trip for the fishing you'd like to do. Elevate your skills, practice new techniques, and learn them all from our Orvis-Endorsed fishing guides. Our team of stillwater guides are among the most experienced in the country.

These full-day boat trips are available for one to two people (not including your guide) and come with everything you need, including rod, reel, tackle, and, of course, the boat itself. We'll even include lunch so you can fuel up for more fishing.

Because boat space is so limited, these trips book well in advance, so call us today to book yours before your slot sails away!

Book a Guided Stillwater Boat Trip

Our guided boat trips are full-day excursions with the potential to catch a multitude of different fish species from the best fishing reservoirs in the state! Your guide can tell you what the conditions and fish behavior have been lately, so they can lead you to your best chance of fishing success. All tackle and gear are provided, as well as lunch. Get one-on-one instruction from our Orvis-Endorsed guides, or bring a friend and elevate both your fly fishing abilities! To inquire about availability for a particular date, email Jon Easdon at