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Where to Go Middle Fork of the South Platte

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September- Ants!

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Updated 9/22/2023

The middle fork is flowing fairly low right now. That coupled with some very warm temps have made the conditions a little tough. Its best to be mobile on the middle fork. Pick a spot and just walk the river and work the banks. Hopper/droppers are the best technique.


Above Spinney/ Badger Basin

The flows are at 28 cfs. and are low. The river is clear, and the fish are very spooky.


Flows are at 29 cfs and on the low side. Lots of very small fish are being caught.

FYI- The mosquitos are already very bad up here! Be sure to take bug spray!!!



  It definitely feels like fall, especially in the mornings. We will continue to see some absolutely gorgeous early fall weather over the next week. Today and Saturday will be pretty windy. Highs will be in the 60's with morning lows in the 30's. There does not look to be a lot of chances for rain, buts its always a good idea to keep an eye out for that rogue storm. This time of year its a good idea to have some warmer clothing options with you...Just in case.  In all, it about as perfect "fall" weather as we could ask for. Get out there!


This is an area we offer guided fly fishing trips. If you would like to learn this area with one of our Orvis endorsed professional guides, give us a call!

Our Top 6 Nymphs for Today:

  • Copper john, gold, red, sizes 16-20
  • San Juan worm, brown. Sizes 14-16 
  • BH Hares ear. Sizes 16-20
  • 2 bit hooker, olive, brown. sizes 16-20,
  • Duracell jig, Sizes 14-16
  • Bead head Pheasant tail, brown. Size 16-18

Our Top  Dry Flies for Today: 

  • Chubby, royal. Size 10-12
  • Stimulator, orange. Sizes 12-16
  • Amys Ant, green/red. Sizes 10-14
  • Hippie Stomper, purple. Size 14

Our Top Streamer Patterns for Today:

  • Slumpbuster, natural. Size 6-8
  • Baby Gonga, Grey, yellow. Size 6


About Alma SWA

Middle Fork of the South Platte River finds its headwaters above Hoosier Pass. Water is diverted from the Breckenridge area and passed through a tunnel under Hoosier Pass into Montgomery Reservoir. This augments the flow particularly in the early summer.

About Tomahawk

Tomahawk is the Middle Fork of the South Platte River. This stretch of the river is a great place to find solitude from the crowds. Summer and fall are a great time of the year to throw big hoppers to eager brown trout. In the summer, bring insect repellent because the mosquitos can get bad. In the fall, bring heavy leaders because large browns come out of their typical hiding spaces and move up river from Spinney to spawn.

This is an area we specialize and are permitted to guide, so give us a shout if you have any questions or if you are interested in allowing one of our Orvis-Endorsed guides show you how best to conquer Middle Fork of the South Platte.

Interested in Booking a Trip?

Directions to Alma - 88.9 miles - 1 Hour 42 Minutes

  1. From Angler's Covey head west on US 24 W/Cimarron St, go 63.2 miles
  2. Turn right at CO-9 N towards Fairplay, go 16.1 miles
  3. Turn right at US-285 N, go 1.0 mile
  4. Turn left at CO-9 N/ Main Street, Fairplay and through Alma, 8.1 miles
  5. Watch your speed, this area is famous for speed tickets.
  6. Turn left at Co Rd 4, Park along stream in desinated areas.

Directions to Tomahawk - 70.5 miles - 1 Hour 19 Minutes

  1. Head West on US-24, go 63.2 miles
  2. Turn right on Co-9, go 7.2 miles