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Where to Go Arkansas River – Near Leadville

The Arkansas River below Leadville is one of the most heavily fished and popular sections.This section of the river, which is approximately 75 miles long, has beautiful pocket water, pools, riffles and runs holding an excellent population of browns and a good population of rainbows. The river averages from 70-100 feet wide in most areas with boulders, bends and deep seams creating superb habitat for the trout that reside here.

This section became more popular with the Division of Wildlife purchase of Hayden Ranch. This property was held privately since the homesteading days but has been opened up to public fishing in recent years.

Crystal Lake STL Fishing Easement

Reddy SWA Fishing Easement

  1. Access is limited to fishing only. No other activity is allowed.
  2. Access is allowed only within 30 feet of the high water line, or as otherwise
  3. Access is allowed only from the Highway 24 overpass parking area or from
    Crystal Lake State Trust Land.
  4. Dogs are prohibited

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Brochure and Map

Directions - 116 MILES - 2 Hours 20 Minutes

  1. Head south on S 21st St toward US-24 W
  2. Follow US-24 W to Co Rd 55 in Lake County