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Where to Go Arkansas River – Wellsville

Arkansas River between Howard and Parkdale is known as Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Most of this section is public and clearly marked, but it is still best to be sure you are fishing public water. The entire section runs along highway 50 on the southside of the river and railroad on the northside. This makes walk and wading dificult and a wading staff is strongly recomended.  The guaging station for this area is know a Wellsville.

Key Areas:

Coaldale & Vallie Bridge

Bighorn Sheep Canyon is really a series of canyons: Salida to Howard; Coaldale to Texas Creek; and Texas Creek to Parkdale. From Howard down through Coaldale, about six miles, the river travels through a more open valley with spectacular views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and generally gentler water. There is good public access upstream of the private water above the Vallie Bridge state park site (boat launch and restrooms) and there is another state park site about five miles downstream at Canyon Trading Post. Fishing in this area is excellent due to the slower water and patchwork of private land. With the absence of canyon walls, it gets good sun exposure during the lower light of spring and fall.

Texas Creek

The tiny community of Texas Creek is the last in Bighorn Sheep Canyon and sits at the entrance to the lower canyon. There is a bridge across the river at Texas Creek and a boat ramp and parking on the north side. The bridge road continues downstream for half a mile and one can continue downstream from there on foot. From Texas Creek to the Parkdale bridge (14 miles), the river passes through public or railroad land and there is a great diversity in types of water. The upper 5 miles, above Pinnacle Rock, are mostly gentle water with a few small rapids interspersed. As one moves downstream from there, the rapids are more common and significant. This creates a lot of excellent pocket water, particularly for fishing in the spring and fall. The water temperature tends to run high in the summer, making the upper river more productive, and in winter pack-ice build-up can make much of this water difficult or dangerous to access.


Parkdale is the southern terminus of Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the launch point for whitewater trips through the Royal Gorge. There is a boat launch, restrooms, and picnic area at the state parks site there and a fair bit of public water adjacent that fishes well in the spring and fall. Approaching the river from the east, Parkdale is the first spot where US 50 intersects the river. As a result, fishing decisions get made at Parkdale based on the appearance of the river, decisions that may not be supported by conditions upstream. In particular, murky or muddy water at Parkdale does not mean that the river is looking shabby in Salida, or even Coaldale. There are many, many tributaries and arroyos that feed into the Arkansas River – anything they discharge into the river will eventually flow past Parkdale.

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Brochure and Map

Directions - 98.9 Miles - 1 Hour 58 Minutes

  1. Head south on S 21st St toward US-24 W
  2. Take exit 140 from I-25 S/US-24 E
  3. Get on US-50 W in Penrose from CO-115 S
  4. Merge onto US-50 W
  5. Pass by Wendy's (on the right in 10.6 mi)
  6. 1 h 13 min (62.0 mi)
  7. Turn right onto Co Rd 7