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Why You ShouldHire a Guide

There are several reasons you should hire a fly fishing guide. Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • Catch More Fish - If you hire a fishing guide you are likely to catch more fish than if you go on your own. Fishing guides are on the water almost every day and keep up with what the fish are doing. They can put you in the right place at the right time.
  • Learn The Water - Since our fishing guides know the waters they fish extremely well, you can learn a lot from them! They can show you new techniques, what fly patterns work the best, where to find access to the stream, and where you can fish safely.
  • Try New Equipment - Our guides keep their equipment in top shape and usually have top-of-the-line gear. All of our guides are Orvis Endorsed, but also have access to many different brands of equipment. You will have the chance to try out a new rod, reel, and line and find out what you like before buying your own.
  • Learn How To Catch Fish - Our guides will show you ways to catch fish. This can help you on waters you have not fished but it can also help you on waters you fish often.
  • Going With A Fishing Guide Adds Safety – Our guides can help you get safely to and from the river. They know where the best access is depending on your circumstances. They also are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR just in case it is needed.
  • It's Fun - A fishing guide not only helps you catch fish, most are great entertainers and will keep you laughing all day. They know lots of good jokes and have many tales to tell you. You will not get bored!
  • It's Easy - A fishing guide will do all the work and you can relax and fish. You can have the guide do everything from tying your knots and taking your fish off the hook. They will take photos of you and your catch and become a valuable resource for future trips.