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Habitat Improvement on Arkansas Tailwaters

One of the area’s best winter fisheries is getting an upgrade to increase its quality even more.


Doug Krieger from the Division of Wildlife updated folks at the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show that the habitat improvement on the Tailwaters is underway.  The work is happening in the first three miles below the dam where anglers may see front-loaders and other heavy equipment.  


The Phase II portion of the project consists of improving fish habitat structures along approximately seven miles of the river from the dam to Dutch Clark Stadium.  Sixty percent of the work will be modifications to existing structures that were installed in 2004 and 2005.  The remaining 40 percent will be the installation of additional rock and log structures. Approximately 3,000 additional boulders will be added.”  


What does this all mean for fly fishers?  With more structures in place and additional boulders, fish have more holes in which to hide.  More holes means anglers can spread out more.  Less crowding!  More satisfaction!


The inconvenience will be temporary — and the long term effects will be great!  

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