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So, You're Thinking of a Guide Trip

Fly fishers have different motivations for considering a guide trip to one of Colorado’s 6,000 miles of rivers, streams, and creeks or to one of our 2,000 lakes or reservoirs.  Reconnecting at family reunions, exploring and succeeding in new waters, or building a team with a corporate outing are some of the reasons you might have to hire a guide.  So, what should you ask and look for when you are considering hiring a guide?


1.  Identify your fly fishing interests.  Maybe you have never tried still water fishing and want to give that a go.  Or you want to hit a small creek and fish dry flies only.  Do you want to hike to a high altitude lake or stream?  Consider your interests so you can “interview” your potential guide.  It is YOUR day out — customize it to make it your own and find the guide that can make that happen!

2.  Name your fly fishing goals. At the end of the day, what would you like to say you have accomplished?  Maybe you are an experienced fly fisher, and you want to be introduced to some new fishing territory by an experienced eye.  Or maybe you are new to the sport and want to fuel your passion by landing more fish!  Maybe you are introducing a new family member or friend to the sport.  Or instead of a round of golf to “seal the deal,” you want to take a new business associate for a half day of fishing and enjoy the reflective spirit of being in the mountains and conducive to meaningful conversation.  Share your goals for the day with your potential guide!

3.  You’re entering into a relationship.  If you can, talk with the guide before the morning that you are heading to the water.  Does he or she seem like the person you want to spend a half day or full day with out in nature?  You don’t want to discover a personality conflict just when you are landing that trophy Brown!  And if you do ask your potential guide “what sign are you?” the best answer, of course, is Pisces.  

4.  Share any special needs.  Please let your guide know if you have any special needs of which he or she should be aware.  Things that you or members in your party may take for granted — a recent surgery, dietary needs, allergies — could be very important information for your guide to know.  As the guide plans your time out, he or she can set the pace and adjust to the conditions of the day to make sure your trip is a memorable experience — for all the RIGHT reasons.  Most importantly, if you are coming from out of state to the altitude of Colorado, you will want your guide to know.  When you are fishing at 8,000 feet or so, you will want to stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and adjust your physical activity as you acclimatize to the altitude.  Your acclimation will be different if you have been here for two or three days before the trip or if you have just gotten off the plane the day before.  


5.  Be flexible.  Colorado weather is unpredictable!  Bring items that allow you to roll with the punches.  There’s a good chance you could use both sunscreen and a rain parka on the same day in the Colorado mountains.  Bring a change of socks and other clothing items.  Guides from Angler’s Covey will, of course, be prepared for changing conditions, but it doesn’t hurt to throw a small gym bag of your own items into the truck or trunk.


You can learn more about our Guide Trips, including Business on the River, by going to our “Hire a Guide” tab above.  Come in or call the shop to help plan your adventure.





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