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Guide Lines Tips and Talk with Jon Easdon

Jon Easdon was born in Leadville, Colorado.  Lived in Breckenridge.  Lived in Alma.  Fairplay.  Granite.  Yeah, you might say he knows Colorado.  When he guides, he wants his clients to experience the whole package of fly fishing.  “Fishing is just one segment of the experience,” he says.  “Sure, we want to catch a lot of fish, or a big one, but there’s more.” 


Jon wants his clients to frame fly fishing in a bigger picture.  Being out in nature feeds the soul.  It’s a cure for the squirrel cage in your mind.  For Jon, being out in nature is a spiritual experience;  it connects him to God.  He wants his clients, at the end of the day, to say “Man, I had no idea it was like this!”


I asked Jon for one tip as we enter the last part of May and head into June – spring run-off season.  “Try some still water fishing.  The reservoirs – Catamount and Spinney – are low and fish are hugging the bank. Try a new experience. Take a lake trout on a fly rod!”  And after the run-off? “Look for some new water. Try some small streams:  Beaver Creek by Penrose.  Grape Creek.  Try Cochetopa Creek over toward Gunnison.  It’s a drive, but worth it.”   


To read more about Jon or any of Angler’s guides, check out our Professional Guide Page.  To book a trip, call the shop: 1-800-75-FISHN. Outfitter #991.


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