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Sometimes it IS JUST about the fish

Friday night, we attended the world premiere of Confluence Film’s Waypoints film.  One of the fly fishers in the film said that the whole fly fishing experience was about more than the fish — a sentiment many of us share, I’m sure!  But Friday night’s event hosted and initiated by The Greenbacks was, indeed, about one fish:  the Colorado Greenback.  As you probably know, there are only 750 Greenback Cutthroats in the state — all concentrated in Bear Creek, west of Colorado Springs.  The 50 or so attendees of Friday night’s showing — at Colorado College, one of three venues in the state — not only enjoyed a terrific film, but the donations from tickets sales and raffle tickets will go toward conservation efforts to re-populate Colorado’s state fish.  If you want to read more about The Greenbacks’ efforts, see their website  If you’re interested in buying or downloading Waypoints, visit the website

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