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Kirk Deeter Presenting at Colorado Springs Fishing Show

When I grow up, I want to be Kirk Deeter.  As an editor-at-large for Field & Stream magazine, Kirk Deeter gets paid to travel all over the world, catch fish, and write stories about those experiences.  Wherever he goes, the number one question he gets is: “Of all the places you’ve visited and written about, what is your favorite?”  The answer he gives is always the same:  “I live where I live (in Colorado) for a reason.”  Kirk will be presenting at 9:30 at the Colorado Springs Fishing Show (doors open at 9:00!) this Saturday, March 1, at Angler’s Covey.  


You can lose a whole day at work (so I have, ummm, been told) if you Google search the blogs and columns that Kirk Deeter writes.  How prolific is he?  In 2012, Deeter was named editor in chief for Trout Magazine, the official publication of Trout Unlimited.  He also pens columns for as well as other online publications. 


In addition to serving as editor-at-large, Kirk also writes Field and Stream’s  Fly Talk blog.  Some of my favorite blog entries that Kirk has made over the past few years:


On fishing: Fishing with Attractor Dry Flies, Five Tips for Scouting a Trout Run, 2014: The Year of the Lake, Is Fly Fishing a Sport?


On conservation and preservationThree Ways to Help Catch-and-Release Trout Survive, “1% for the Planet” Should Stop Supporting PETA 


On EquipmentWhy You Should Put Hockey Skate Laces on Your Wading Boots


On SafetyA Hard Lesson About Using Sunscreen On The Water


Book ReviewsThe Angler As Predator, ‘What A Trout Sees’ Is A Must-Have For Fly Fishermen


Fun Stuff & Human InterestIf You Could Fish With Anyone, Past or Present, Who Would It Be? Fishing With an Heirloom, 90-Year Old Angler Can Still Out-fish All of Us


Of course, the list could go on and on.  Let’s just say that Kirk knows his way around a keyboard as well as on rivers and streams around the world.  His affiliation with Trout Unlimited also lets you know he is committed to conserving and preserving our cold-water fisheries — in Colorado and nationally.


If you’re interested in fly fishing and reading good writing about fly fishing, then you have probably read something by Kirk Deeter.  Whether you have read his work before or are just getting to it, don’t miss the chance to hear from Kirk Deeter this Saturday at the Colorado Springs Fishing Show. 

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