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The People You Meet …


I had a chance to have breakfast with one of our new Guides, Earl Hecker, the other morning. (I’ll have a “meet our new guide” blog in a few days.)  He had a great story about his first fly fishing experience in Colorado that I wanted to share.


Earl and his family had arrived in Colorado Springs a few days before he was reunited, courtesy of the U.S. Army, with his belongings.  When his stuff did arrive, he grabbed his fishing gear and headed up to Elevenmile Canyon for his inaugural experience with fly fishing in Colorado.


He wasn’t having bad luck this day, but it could have been better.  He was nymphing with a too-large red Copper John when a fellow angler came up on his hole and, as anglers sometimes do, said hello.  The friendly fly fisherman then said, “You know, you’re doing great.  Great technique and a good hole.  But what do you have on?”  Earl showed him his #10 Copper John.


The stranger dug into his fly box and asked if he wanted to try a smaller fly, a Mercury Midge.  Earl nodded and said “sure.”


Earl tossed it out, mended his line, and brought his first Colorado trout to the net.


“Why don’t you take a few of these,” the guy said, pulling out a dozen or so Mercury Midges and Desert Storms.  


“Wow, thanks a lot!” Earl slid the generous offering into his own fly box.  Then he stuck his hand out.  “Earl,” he said, shaking hands with the stranger.


“Pat Dorsey,” the fellow angler replied.


Welcome to Colorado.  

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