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Product Review Simms Rivertek 2 Boa®


These boots are made for wading!  I broke in my new Simms RiverTek™ 2 Boa® wading boots last week on the Arkansas River during a great caddis hatch.  The boots feel great — they’re lightweight, the StreamTread™ is “grippy” enough, and the Boa cable system makes for an efficient and secure fit.  


rivertek bootI wear a size 16 boot.  So, yeah, if flows increase I can quickly climb in one and paddle to safety.  Or in winter, I can wax the bottoms and slalom down to creekside.  Seriously, when you are toting around those big boots, you want light weight and durability.  So far, so good with the RiverTek™ 2.  They may be the lightest boot I have worn out of the last three pair of wading boots.  They are comfortable, too, and felt good in two consecutive days on the river.  


I was a little surprised about the tread — but I may have had faulty expectations.  I was coming off of a pair of pretty beat up and worn down felt bottom boots that had no grip.  The StreamTread™ is definitely a major step up, but I guess I was expecting the traction of the hooves on the Bighorn Sheep that populate the canyon along the Arkansas.  It took a little time to get used to the grip but by day two on the river, I was confident in where I could step and where I needed to be a little more cautious and deliberate.  The weight and grip were really nice in walking the trail to different parts of the river and scrambling over some rocks along the bank.


the arkansas riverI was a tad skeptical about the Boa® cable.  It’s thin — and I wonder about the durability of the cable system.  The Boa works with a cable system and a dial that sits where you usually tie up your laces.  A couple of twists and the boot is tight on your foot.  I have a narrow foot, so it would be nice if I could tighten the lower part of the cable independently of the top.  It’s not a huge deal, though.  The upside is that it is fast and snug.  I was in my waders and boots and ready to go within a couple minutes.   I did have to stop once in the middle of the day to give it a quick twist again to tighten the cable back up.  I’ll keep an eye on the durability of the cable and get back to you.


So far, the boot has been all that I have asked for in a quality wading boot — lightweight, comfortable, efficient, and good traction.  I look forward to a couple of seasons out on the river with the Simms RiverTek™ 2 Boa® wading boot.  Swing by the shop and check them out!

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