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Thanks Steve

Ten years ago Steve Gossage joined the ranks at Angler’s Covey and soon became my right hand man. His strength was something I could lean on with the stress of running a small business. Whenever I would fall behind Steve would pick up the slack and handle it. He was a rock and a dear friend.


Most who knew Steve understood and respected his quiet tone. He was never one to come on strong with the heavy sales pitch, but when asked a question he was quick to share his knowledge of fly fishing and often went well beyond what was asked of him.


On the river, few could rival him. He took his fishing seriously enough to make it count. But he also enjoyed sharing a laugh and a special moment. I will treasure our time on the water together and will always count Steve a friend.


Next Friday will be Steve’s last day at Angler’s Covey. He will be taking a full-time position guiding at the new Broadmoor Fishing Camp on the Tarryall River north of Lake George. His presence will be missed at Angler’s Covey – a great loss not easily replaced. Steve will be working today through Tuesday, and then on Friday as his last day. Please stop by and wish him the best.


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