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AC Guides hit the South Slope!

The south slope reservoirs on Pikes Peak opened up for the season last weekend. The opening of this area has been anticipated by everyone in the shop, and we were all excited to make the trip. On Father’s Day, we assembled a crew of AC guides to head up to the peak. It’s about an hour and a half drive form the shop to the gate. We arrived and checked in with the rangers at the gate.


While none of us on this trip had been there before, we were not quite sure what to expect. The parking area at McReynolds was very well done. New curb and gutter, a covered picnic area and restrooms. Down the road from the parking lot was the trailhead for Mason Reservoir, which was our destination. The trail was very mellow and well constructed. After about a 30-minute hike, we could see the lake. Our first view of the lake offered us the opportunity to see rising fish as far as we could see. Our hearts were pumping and an anxious excitement fell over the whole group. We started a descent on the trail towards the lake.


Now the rules and regulations are very strict about bodily contact with the water, which is not allowed. In fact, you can’t even walk in wearing waders. This fact makes fishing here a little more difficult with the steep and densely vegetated terrain. Picking a prime spot was going to be a challenge. We continued down the trail and past the rest of the fishermen. We found a nice big spot where we could all stretch out and fish. It didn’t take long before one of us was hooked up.


All of us were throwing different bugs, and producing results. It was absolutely electric fishing! We had triples several times and every fish we caught was pristine. These cutthroats were hungry, plentiful, and offered a great fight. We proceeded to try different patterns/methods and had success in all. It was a beautiful day and the company and fishing couldn’t have been better. Remoteness, serenity, and gorgeous fish are what fly fishing is all about to me. It’s safe to say that I have found my new favorite “backyard haunt”.

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