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Lamborn Votes YES to first step in Selling Our National Forest

Yesterday, Doug Lamborn voted YES to a bill that, according to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP), would turn over vast swaths of our country’s National Forests to states in an effort to circumvent the laws that ensure that recreation and conservation values are protected. This bill, H.R. 3650, prioritizes logging over all of the other values that our public lands provide, and could even pave the way for privatization of some of our public lands’ most iconic places. 


H.R. 3650 would allow any state to claim ownership of up to 2 million acres of a National Forest (roughly the size of Yellowstone National Park), on the condition that the state then prioritize logging over other uses of the land.


Lamborn is also likely to vote YES on H.R. 2316 which would allow states to take possession of 900,000 acres or more of National Forests and hand control over to small groups representing special interests appointed by the state’s governor.


These bills are an attack on public ownership of public lands. Please consider reaching out to Doug Lamborn today and tell him why public lands matter to you, and encourage him to vote to keep our public lands in public hands.


In addition, consider NOT voting for Doug Lamborn.




Take a few minutes to understand why this is so important and watch this video.





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