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Unique Gift Ideas for the Unique Angler

So many gift ideas, so little time.  Our staff and guides had some great ideas for gifts that might not jump right to mind. From tools to nets, fly line to fly patterns, here are some ideas for the hard-to-shop-for-angler.

Robert Younghanz: Scissor Clamps

I stopped using nippers over 10 years ago once I discovered Scissor Clamps.  The advantages are numerous:

1.  It is a multi-tool, with a clamp, cutter, eye cleaner and screwdriver.

2.  Cutting tippet rather then smashing it with nippers allows one to get larger tippet through smaller hooks eyes.

3.  When you back casted into a tree, or bush (particularly with thorns), you can use your scissor clamps to “prune” your line out of the mess you’ve made. This is probably not a recommend use for this tool, but admittedly, I’ve done this on numerous occasions.

4.  Unlike your typical nipper, scissor clamps stay sharp for years.

I highly recommend you pick up a pair.

Juan Ramirez: Rio Indicator Fly Line

If you have a 10-foot fly rod, or are thinking of getting one as a nymph-specific rod, you need to match up that rod with a Rio Indicator fly line.  Rio Indicator fly lines are designed to cast nymph rigs easier than a standard fly line and when matched up with a 10-foot rod (or even a 9-foot fly rod), this works perfectly.  The mass is located near the head of the line, therefore creating a smooth transition from the fly line to your nymph rig.

You can say goodbye to the horrible kick-back you may experience with standard fly lines when you have two or three flies, split shot,

and a Thing-a-ma-bobber.

I’ve been fishing them for about five years now and will never go back to a standard fly line for nymph fishing.

Becky Leinweber: Fishpond Emerger Net

Fishpond nets.  A new order was “landed” at the shop Nov. 25th.
I plan on picking up the “Emerger,” Brown Trout style.  This net works well with packs and vests.  It has a narrower basket but with a longer handle that works well in different situations.

Paul Martinez: Smokejumper Fly Pattern

I do have one thing that I am excited about: the  Black Smoke Jumper fly size 20. The Trico hatch was extra amazing this summer in 11 Mile Canyon, and when the trout get very picky, as they always do during trico season, and the usual trico patterns would not produce, the Smoke Jumper did.  I would drop it off about 10 inches behind an adult caddis so my clients and I could see the Jumper, then let the fun begin.

Rick Forster: New Zealand Strike Indicator

These wool strike indicators are made from the wool of some very unique sheep in New Zealand. This product is awesome! It comes with a tool that both holds the tubing that you use to attach the wool to your line and then makes the loop that you put the wool through.  Particularly now as we enter the winter fishing season, with its lower flows, extremely clear water, and tougher-to-catch fish, this strike indicator can be a huge benefit.  It lands softly on the water and does not stick out like bubble-type indicators.  It also doesn’t put that annoying kink in your leader that some indicators do.  It’s easily adjustable up and down your leader, and you can vary the size of the indicator itself just by how much wool you choose to use.  You can get the wool in white, green, orange, or black and adjust depending upon the situation.  I personally will get a silicone-based floatant, such as Aquel or DryMagic, and really work it into the wool before I start fishing.  It will help keep this afloat for a good long while.  This gives you a level of stealth when nymphing that you will appreciate … and the fish will hate!

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