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Fly Fishing Film Tour Full Day Float with Willowfly


We’re excited about a new addition to our line-up of prize donations for the 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Brad Crosby, and Willowfly Anglers from Three Rivers Resorts, in Almont, Colorado are donating a four-person, two-boat, all day float trip on the Gunnison River.  Having been a supporter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing for the past five years, Brad is excited about helping out this cause with a fly fishing guided trip.


crosby“One of the best things I can do as a guide is to enhance somebody’s quality of life,” Brad says.  And the way that he does that is to put his 20 years as a fly fishing guide to work.  “When clients walk away with a smile on their face, I actually feel like I’m the one that comes away with something.”


This float trip will be a chance for four anglers to have an experience that is bucket-list worthy.


“If the winning bidders want an epic trip, the early season on the Gunnison, pre-runoff, is great.  Fish are hungry, the water is open, and we have great flows.”  If the winner is unable to go in the pre-runoff season of April/May, then Brad recommends a later trip in the September timeframe, when salmon are running and there’s a great chance for multiple species.  Of course, the winner will have the chance to set up a time for their trip Either way, this is gonna be good.


Anglers can expect getting on the water around 10:00 a.m. for a six-hour day of fishing.  The trip can be designed around the angler’s interests and skill level, and Brad says that they can include some time out of the boat to fish a particular hole or work on casting techniques. 


“I want to add to the client’s quiver of techniques.  We can get out of the boat, learn how to read the water, learn about current, have a major focus on depth, and talk about different techniques.”  A casting instructor himself, Brad says a pleasure for him is to get the client to cast to a particular fish that is holding in a familiar spot and land that fish.  “Cast, mend, set” makes the connection between guide and angler so strong.


What can the winning bidder expect on this float trip that usually retails at  $990.00?  Lunch will be provided by the Three Rivers Smokehouse Restaurant.  “These are meaty, homemade sandwiches, made in-house.”  Toss in chips and a brownie for lunch on the water.


Brad uses a 17’ Boulder boat. This hard bottom dory really is the Cadillac of float boats.  All flies are included and any gear that an angler may need (rod/reel/waders).  Anglers will need to pay for any travel expenses to Almont, of course, and there is lodging available from Three Rivers Resort (only a two minute walk to the river!).


Even over the phone, Brad’s excitement about guiding is very clear.  “If I can inspire people to be a bit better, then I have done my job.” 


Come on out on February 4 to the Fly Fishing Film Tour!

  • TIME:  Doors open at 5:00 p.m.  Films start at 6:30 p.m.
  • EVENT ACTIVITIES: Live guide auction, raffle, film presentations, cash bar (beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks), and food.
  • TICKETS: Pick up tickets at Angler’s Covey or at Royal Gorge Anglers for $12.00.  You can buy them online here ($15.00). You may also buy them at the door.

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