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35 Years and Counting What an Adventure


David and Becky Leinweber took a minute from their schedules to reflect on the 35th Anniversary of Angler’s Covey and to look forward to what is on the horizon for Angler’s Covey.  


Milestone Anniversary  


This year marks the 35th anniversary for Angler’s Covey. Many of our loyal customers (many of whom have become our friends, too!) have been with us from the beginning – shopping in the small Victorian house over on West Colorado Avenue and making the transition with us 12 years ago to our present, expanded location (read more about Our Story). Kent Brekke was the original owner, starting this business from nothing, and then when he was guiding in southeast Alaska, we came onto the scene and have grown it to what anglers who visit the shop experience today.


We began as a small, local fly shop, focused on the customer and that is still the case today. We see ourselves as a fly fishing learning center, and our greatest joy is introducing people to this sport and helping them along on their journey to get the most out of it.


Growing in the Adventure


Five years ago, Becky and I did a deep dive in understanding our customers with a pretty intensive survey and follow up focus groups. Through this exercise, we discovered several things that have shaped our direction as a company.


One discovery is that most customers were not happy with how crowded the South Platte River is. This has led us to realize that growing our business entirely focused on the South Platte River would, at the same time, cripple our business, and we needed to broaden our appeal and locations we fish.


With overwhelming success, three years ago we published “Where to Fish” on our website detailing 62 places to fish within a two-hour drive from Angler’s Covey. We began teaching classes out of the norm, like stillwater fly fishing on the Catamount Reservoirs on Pikes Peak, and emphasizing techniques for small stream fishing.


We turned our attention to the way we display fly fishing in our store. Partnering with Sage and Orvis, we have broken out our rod rack into four categories: Backcountry Angling, Rivers and Streams, Stillwater Angling, and Saltwater. 


Backcountry Angling is actually Becky’s and my favorite type of fishing. No need for waders in that we usually hike 2-4 miles into a remote area with a small stream away from the crowds. With special boots designed to be in the water, we fish dry flies to virgin trout. The beauty of these areas is breathtaking, the exercise is a bonus, and the quiet is just what we crave.


Rivers and Streams Angling is most of what we have always focused on, but now you will hear us talk about other rivers more, such as the Arkansas River. We also are developing a relationship with Three Rivers Resort and Willowfly on the Gunnison River. Don’t miss Dennis Miller’s talk at the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing show this Saturday about fly fishing in the Gunnison Valley.


Stillwater Angling has become even more important with high flows and extended run-off. In conjunction with our Pikes Peak Outfitter shop, we have added the fastest growing component to general fishing in the USA: kayak fishing! The speed in which you can travel across a reservoir and the stability you now have — even standing up in the boat — is amazing. Add  in the pedal-drive feature of Hobie Kayaks,and you have both hands free to make that perfect cast. This coming year we will be adding a new dimension to our Guide Service: guided trips with Hobie Kayaks. Very exciting stuff.


Saltwater Angling, or destination travel, is an area that we will be developing more in the coming years. There is nothing like wading through the flats pursuing Bonefish and Permit. Or chasing Tarpon or Trevally weighing up to 100 pounds! 


We are excited to now represent a full presentation of all fly fishing has to offer and the amazing experience fly fishing offers.


Inviting You into the Adventure: The Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show


We hope to see you on Saturday, March 4 for the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show


This annual event is the point at which we kick off the new angling season. Although we fish year-round in Colorado, many of our customers wait for the warmer weather to arrive so this show is timed to get them pumped up and equipped for the season.  

  • The manufacturer reps come out to meet with the customers, answer questions, and share their knowledge about gear.
  • The Angler’s Covey staff is eager to help customers make product choices (including new offerings from Orvis and Redington) that meet their needs, and our guides are present to meet them and share tips for more effective fishing.
  • Each year we feature presentations (Landon Mayer and Dennis Miller, among others, are featured this year) that we think our customers would be interested in to inspire them, open their horizons to new places or techniques, and inform them.
  • Throughout the day we showcase fly tiers demonstrating their techniques.
  • Of course, we also have deeply discounted doorbusters, drawings, and giveaways to show our appreciation to our customers.

For a complete line-up of the Show’s events, giveaways, and contests, see the updated website!


We want to celebrate our 35th  Anniversary with you – but more importantly, we want to share the adventure that is fly fishing. 


Thank you and tight lines!


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