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Spring Outlook on Our Stillwaters


As the weather warms, the action heats up with our warm water species.  Travis LaMere, guide and assistant manager at Colorado Tackle Pro, gives us an outlook for some of our stillwater action. And don’t miss out on our newest addition to our guided trip menu:  kayak fly fishing!


We’re going to see the fish getting more active at our  nearby reservoirs:  Pueblo, Hnery, Adobe, and Brush Hollow will see some healthy action as we move through the spring and into June. 


The bass are post-spawn so they’re getting active and feeding hard.  We can expect the crappie bite to pick up as well as catfish.  And watch for the full moon because the walleye fishing will be great. 


If you’re fishing for trout and cold water species, Elevenmile, Spinney, and Tarryall are active a bit sooner this year.  “We had ice off of Spinney by April 1st, so fish are hungry,  active, and accessible a few weeks earlier than normal.”


And watch for the Catamount Reservoirs on Pikes Peak’s North Slope to open and access to Rampart Reservoir, too.  “These are fantastic fisheries for big Mackinaw,” Travis says.


And take advantage of a new guided trip opportunity from Angler’s Covey:  kayak fly fishing. 


Fly fishing from a kayak offers the adventurous angler ways to explore our stillwater fisheries — Spinney, Elevenmile, Skagway, and Pueblo Reservoirs — in new ways.  “You can reach fish otherwise inaccessible,” Jon Easdon says, “and it opens doors to reach more species.”  Depending on the body of water, the angler can fish for wiper, walleye and bass.  “I can’t wait for pike season, to be honest.”


Two other benefits and pleasures offered from the kayak?  “Stealth and solitude,” Easdon says.  The guided trips will be about $90 more for the outing to cover the kayak rental. Watch for more information in the spring about this great opportunity!  


Check out our menu of guided trip options on our webpage:



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