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CMCTU Unveils Name and Logo Change

by Angie Arroyo


Since 1986, the mission of the Cheyenne Mountain chapter of Trout Unlimited has been to conserve, protect, and restore cold water fisheries resources and their watersheds in the Pikes Peak Region and throughout the State of Colorado. And while their goal remains steady, the aesthetics of the brand have changed…for the better. Beginning on June 1, the local chapter will have a name change to Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited, with an updated logo and a new look on its website. 


The “Cheyenne Mountain” portion of the organization’s name has been replaced with “Pikes Peak,” and with good reason. Unlike its smaller neighbor to the south, Cheyenne Mountain, Pikes Peak is nationally known and recognized; after all, it is a national historic landmark. Allyn Kratz, President of the local chapter, says that some people mistakingly think that members are only in Colorado Springs rather than the  region. “With the  new name, people from the whole region can feel more of a part of the chapter.” It makes more sense, therefore, for Trout Unlimited to affix their name to a nationally known entity that represents the region accordingly. 


The organization also updated its logo with a modern design that represents the current times and generation; an organization’s identity is, after all, visualized through its logo. Several graphic designers entered their bids, and electronic voting on the name and logo began on March 28th of this year. The winning design took home 67% of the vote with its visually pleasing aesthetics suitable for today’s audience. 


While we are excited for these changes, it is important to remember the goal and mission of Trout Unlimited. The amazing work that they do for the trout streams and environment is something to admire. Kratz says that they do not want to lose “the wonderful history and reputation gained under the Cheyenne Mountain name.  We hope to build on that past to an even greater future!”


Watch this blog and our Facebook page for updates and events sponsored by Pikes Peak Trout Unlimted.  If you are not a member, why not join now?  




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