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What I Want

By David Leinweber, Angler’s Covey Owner


Father’s Day is fast approaching and I wanted to share a new product that honestly I feel is a breakthrough for a product that makes a difference. Twenty plus years ago ExOfficio launched a new style of fishing apparel called the Air Strip Shirt. Because of its technical fabric, it quickly became an all-time best seller for the shop, and we have stocked it and sold it as a favorite for that twenty-year period. Other shirts have come out with different styling and features, but nothing really made a big leap in technological feature… until last year.  


Last year, Simms introduced the Taimen TriComp LS Shirt, and with some reservation, we ordered a few with a retail price of $149.95. Yeah, a $150 shirt… But before you stop reading, there are less expensive options that I will discuss shortly.

I personally like button down shirts for fishing. I like having the pockets and I like the breathability a button down shirt has. But, there is no stretch and to get freedom of movement the shirt needs to be a little baggy which I don’t like. I also like the comfort of the Simms Solarflex long sleeve crew neck shirts. The technical fabric along with the stretch makes these shirts extremely comfortable, but with one major issue for me… sorry, there is no other way to say it, but guys with man boobs look really bad in these shirts, myself included.


These new TriComp / BiComp shirts deliver a front panel traditional button down shirt but with stretchy fabric for the arms and back. This is why I am prepared to say that my old reliable Air Strips are soon to be in route to the Goodwill. The Taimen TriComp LS Shirt just might be the last fishing shirt you will ever need. Its COR3 and Cool Control fabric technology block odor, wick moisture, and dry quickly. The UPF 50 sun protection rating means that your skin will stay safe under the blazing tropical sun. It literally does everything a fishing shirt needs and is absolutely worth every penny.

I have tons of fishing gear, but if there is one thing I would want it is a few more of these amazing shirts. 

Simms has three models of this TriComp / BiComp styling: Taiman TriComp, GT Tricomp, and Intruder BiComp which range from $79.95 – $149.95.

Lastly, another favorite to absolutely consider is the Kuhl Airspeed Shirt, $85. The Airspeed has a different cut than the Simms and an aesthetically cleaner profile. The different fabrics that comprise the Kuhl Airspeed deliver a great looking shirt for around town or on the river.



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