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F3T Now a Word from Our Sponsor


Jon Easdon, Director of Services at Angler’s Covey, spoke with our sponsors of the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) which raises funds for the Colorado Springs Chapter of Project Healing Waters Flyfishing.  Chris Hanson is the owner and CEO of 3GEngagement, adigital marketing company specializing in search engine marketing and optimization for automotive businesses across the United States.



Jon Easdon: What does the F3T mean to you and your company?

Chris Hanson: I don’t understand the question?  It’s watching fly fishing films. What else do you need to know?  Just kidding.  Yes, there is that but, of course, it’s so much more important. 


I’m told that this is PHWFF’s largest fundraiser, so it’s a very important event.  We can buy films on DVD and online which is great, but that’s not the same as buying tickets and being part of something that helps fund an organization that helps our wounded vets, the people that have put their lives on the line serving our country.

JE: Why did you want to be a sponsor for our F3T?

Chris Hanson: I chose to sponsor F3T because it’s for Project Healing Waters, and also because of Angler’s Covey’s work in making it happen every year.  It was perfect timing because Bobbi-Jo (Chris’s wife) and I were looking for another non-profit for our company to get involved with. F3T was a great way to start off since we had decided to get involved with Project Healing Waters.  The Covey is where I got started in fly fishing and most everyone there knows me and has been extremely important in my fly fishing journey. To be able to play a small role in supporting this event with Angler’s Covey is an honor.


JE: What impact has Projected Healing Waters had on you?

Chris Hanson: I signed up to be a mentor this year along with discussing ways that our company can help support the PHWFF Colorado Springs website. We have a very talented group of people so we really want to help where we can. 


JE: How has fly fishing, in general, influenced you or your company?
Chris Hanson: Bobbi-Jo purchased a guided trip for my birthday from Angler’s Covey the summer of 2016.  It was my first time fly fishing, and it’s a trip that I won’t soon forget.  On that first trip, I was only about an hour into it when I knew that I was going to learn all I could about fly fishing.  And it probably should be stated that when I get into something, I’m all in.  And yes, some might say that I can be a bit obsessive.  Well, probably everyone that knows me says that.  I realize that you don’t have to be that intense about fly fishing but as G.K. Chesterton says, “anything worth doing is worth doing well.”  So began my fly fishing journey and fortunately for me, it came at a perfect time in my life because I really needed something.  I really needed something that helped me relax and disconnect a bit. 


Six and a half years ago we ventured out on our own and started 3GEngagement.  At the time it was just the two of us and today we have 20 employees.  We are very blessed, but the road to get here wasn’t easy.  I spent the first four and a half years working from 6am to 10pm and even later. 7 days a week.  Literally.  My drive to make this venture work only became more intense when we started hiring employees — employees that put their trust in us as a company that would provide for them and their families. 


Four and a half years in, I had to learn how to relax.  The pressure was taking its toll on me and I needed to find something that would help.  Fly fishing did that for me.  I’ve fished a lot since that first trip, at least once a week and all through the winter.  Because of that, people joke with Bobbi-Jo by saying “I bet you wished you never bought that first trip for him.”  She always jokes back, but then says that she is so glad she did because I needed something to do where I could relax. There’s no way I could keep going the way I was.  Bobbi-Jo has fished with me a few times, and she always catches fish including a really nice Cheesman Canyon Rainbow.  She wants to fish more this year, but for some reason she won’t fish with me in the winter. 


Although I’m still very focused on always trying to improve my skills, I’ve also found myself just walking along the river, not fishing much at all, just enjoying the moment.  One thing’s for sure, whether I’m focused on fishing or just walking along the river, I am relaxed.  Because of fly fishing I’ve learned to relax a bit more.  I’ve learned to disconnect from work and stress while I’m on the river.


You can find Chris Hanson virtually: 

@chrisjhanson on Instagram


Tickets for the Fly Fishing Film Tour may be purchased at Angler’s Covey, Royal Gorge Anglers, for $15.  At the door, they will be $20.  This event will sell-out, so buy your tix in advance. (UPDATE: Online sales are over!)


When:  Saturday, February 3, 2018

Where:  Stargazers Theater and Event Center. 10 Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80910

Time:  Doors open at 5:00 pm.  Films begin at 6:30 pm. Raffles and good times throughout the evening!

Guided Trips Raffle Prizes!



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