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Staff Spotlight Becky Chaney


Becky Chaney, our new Executive Assistant at Angler’s Covey, and her husband have owned a cabin near Divide for many years.  For eight years, they made almost monthly treks to the cabin from their home in Kansas City to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer: a more laid back lifestyle, beautiful hiking spots, and fly fishing.  Finally, in October of 2017, they made the big decision and made the move to Colorado for their permanent residence.  


When I asked Becky what motivated her to apply for the opening at Angler’s Covey, she didn’t hesitate with an answer. “The fact that it’s a fly fishing shop, mostly.  I thought it would be an enjoyable work environment.”  


becky chaneyBecky’s duties range from the nearly impossible task of keeping David Leinweber, co-owner of the shop, somewhat organized to the more manageable responsibilities of doing the payroll, some HR duties, and general office management.  One of the most visible tasks that Becky manages is collaborating with Jon Easdon, Director of Services, and David and Becky Leinweber  to compile and lay out the content for the weekly email blast and getting it out to our customer base. 


Her husband, John, an avid fly fisherman himself, sparked Becky’s interest in the sport.  One of the benefits of making the move to Colorado, Becky says, is that “we get to explore more places.  When we came out for long weekends, we mainly fished and hiked in spots that were familiar.”  


“I love to go to Cheesman. The hike is beautiful but the fishing sure is tricky.”  Sounds like Becky is learning about the Colorado fisheries, for sure!


It’s pretty clear that Becky wears many hats in her role as Executive Assistant: marketing, accounting, office management.  Join us all in welcoming Becky Chaney to the Angler’s Covey team and to the Colorado life!


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