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Father's Day Gift Ideas


Whether looking for the unique gadget to complete your dad’s gear bag, or looking for that sweet reel to up your dad’s fly fishing game, or maybe finding ways to share the adventure with quality time, the Guides at Angler’s Covey have some ideas to make your Father’s Day gift-buying a tad easier. 


Kaitlin Boyer: The Tongass 650  waist pack is a versatile waterproof pack that can fit just about anything all while keeping your gear completely dry. Perfect for the dad that carries a camera while fishing along with multiple fly boxes.


Fishpond’s Nomad hand net is a great gift for Dads because of the perfect size handle for landing fish and a basket big enough for those Dream Stream trout. 


Rachel Leinweber: Mine is not poetic in any way, but what I am actually getting my dad is tying stuff. We aren’t great about spending time together outside of the shop, so instead of gear he already has, I’m giving him stuff to have an incentive to tie together. He gave me his old vice and tools several years ago and now I tie more than him, so he is getting back into it. Even though we will be doing a work-related activity, it will still be time spent together. (Editor’s note: No pressure at all for buying a gift for your dad who happens to be the co-owner of the store.)


Scott Hartwig (getting poetic!): Fathers (and mothers) continue to serve as a safety net long after the kids grow and leave the nest for college and their future jobs, and even later, when they return with grandchildren.  With that thought in mind, a new fishing net makes for a superb Father’s Day gift, reminding us each time we net a fish, that there’s much more to be grateful for, than just the fish.

Image courtesy of Fishpond

David Caraghar:  Here comes my chime. Nothing like owning a Fishpond long-handled net like their Nomad Mid-Length.  Nets make it easier to land the fish, and it’s much gentler on the fish prior to your release.  For those of us with a little bulge around the waist, having a net makes it a lot less trouble to bend down and finish the fight.


Bob Taylor: I have been loving the Simms buff in River Camo.  Also the Simms Kinetic Insulated jacket in River Camo is very warm and comfortable.



Rick Bayley: This isn’t something you’d buy at the shop but to ask a dad if he would take you fishing would be a great gift! Of course, take him to the shop and buy him his flies before you head up Ute Pass.


Dave Herber: 2019 is a wet year.  The Simms G3 Guide Jacket will give great protection for the upcoming afternoon thunderstorms. With waders and this jacket I am just about weatherproof!



Jim Young: A great pair of Orvis nippers will make dad’s fishing experience better. And each time he snips some tippet, he’ll be reminded of that special someone who cared enough to give them!



Kenny Romero and Greg Blessing are on the same page: How about Father’s Day “stocking stuffers in June”? It’s always a good idea to have extra and back up gear including:


Many of our guides agree that gadgets like the floatant bottle holders (left) or the Orvis nippers (right) make for great gifts for dad!
  • Nippers
  • Forceps
  • Sunglass lanyard
  • Floatant
  • Split shot
  • Leaders
  • Tippet
  • Strike indicators


Greg says “there are things that you always seem to lose! Never have enough of theses type of gadgets!”


What about having a fly box outfitted with a selection of summer nymph and dry flies specifically selected for our local waters?  Come in and talk with our knowledgeable staff and guides to help choose your selection!


Blaise Gabriel: Most foul weather jackets are bulky and tend to be heavy, but the Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket allows more comfort, freedom, and is super light in weight. It’s a minimalist jacket that offers solid protection against wind and rain that can be carried in a small pack.  Mine is 2.5 years old and has held up strong, from Alaskan king salmon fishing on the ocean, to your South Park downpour while fishing for trout. It’s the perfect gift for the fisherman in your life, or a perfect way to get dad back out into the elements.



Neil Luerhing: I recently purchased one of the lightweight caps from Kuhl. I have worn it quite a bit in warmer climates, and I love the ventilated panels, fit, and comfort of the hat. I plan on wearing mine a lot while fishing this year.



Jon Easdon: The new Orvis Mirage LT reel. This is the most sophisticated reel on the market built with a drag system that can put the brakes on in a heartbeat.  Orvis toned down this reel in terms of bulk and weight and created the perfect trout reel. If the Dad in your life needs a new reel, look no further!


Give the gift of adventure. There is nothing like fishing with Dad. An all-inclusive guided trip is the perfect Father’s Day gift. And now until June 16th, take $50 off ANY guided trip booked by 6/16. The trip can be scheduled for any time, but must be booked by 6/16.


Still  unsure about what Dad needs? An Angler’s Covey Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for him to customize his supplies and needs or it can be applied toward a guided fly fishing trip for him to choose his own adventure. 









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