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A Vision for 2022

As the new year approaches, we often post “a year in review” as we consider the events of the past twelve months. This year, our guides and retail team look toward the promise of a new year. The visions began to organize themselves around three themes: relationships, teaching and learning, and experiences. Of course, just like a river’s distinct currents interweave as it flows through a canyon, these themes interweave into one big Vision for 2022.

Those summer days promise new vistas. Photo credit: Brian Hilbert / Andrea Pasquan

Vision: Relationships

Whether guiding or fishing with family and friends, relationships are established, built, and rejuvenated on the river.

Jon Easdon (Director of Services and Guide)

First, as a father, I’m looking forward to being on the water more with my two daughters. Because time moves so fast and they’re getting older so quickly, more time on the water is on the calendar. As a guide, I always look forward to getting out on the water with my clients. As the Director of Services, we have events planned again throughout the country in what feels like forever. I never knew how much I would miss travelling around seeing old friends and making new ones. Networking with other anglers is something I will not take for granted again. I’m excited to grow further in this amazing adventure called fly fishing. We have some big things cooking for this coming year, and I couldn’t be more excited for 2022!

Paul Martinez (Guide)

As I do every year I look forward to three things. First, it is always great to reconnect with past clients, people that over the years I have become close with, and now consider friends. Second, I really enjoy taking a person who has never held a fly rod and get them into their first trout. The excitement, and joy, on their faces never gets old. That energy warms my heart. Lastly, fly fishing is a passion of mine. I love to teach the art and science of fly fishing. I am always willing and happy, too, to learn new styles/techniques. 

Ted Demetriou (Guide)

As we close out 2021, I am looking forward to a spectacular 2022 fishing season. I can’t wait to create additional memories with repeat clients and introduce a whole new group of anglers to this sport. I’m always excited to fish our public access areas, but my Vision for 2022 is to share more of our private property access with clients. Angler’s Covey has access to some special places with MONSTER fish. Until Spring, I’ll be looking forward to snow filled days and sore fingers from the tying vise.

Taking on the Taylor River. Photo credit: Rachel Leinweber

Vision: Teaching and Learning

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. No matter where we are on our fly fishing journey, it seems to be a constant cycle of teaching and learning.

Kenny Romero (Guide)

I am super excited about the upcoming 2022 fly fishing season! We have seen a significant increase in guided trips in part due to the pandemic. Being outside and getting large doses of vitamin D is just what the doctor ordered! As new anglers enter our sport, it’s an opportunity for me to share my years of experience and love of the water. I love helping clients not only trick trout with feathers and thread wrapped around a hook, but also helping them understand the spiritual, conservation, and stewardship aspect of fly fishing. “All the water we have is all the water we’ll ever have,” so it is critical that we protect this vital resource. Helping clients learn to care for our rivers and lakes, and the fish that live in them, will help ensure we have this healthy resource for generations to come.

Karbo (Guide)

It appears as though fly fishing has become one of America’s more popular pastimes in the past few years. We all see that the rivers are busier than ever before. My Vision for 2022 is introduce many new fly fishers into our sport and show them how we can practice conservation with practical approaches to fishing that will not disrupt Mother Nature’s master plan. 

Joel Walker (Guide)

I am looking forward to helping and serving our awesome clients! Last year it was so fulfilling to meet many different people from all parts of the country. I’m looking forward to that again this year. I look forward to being a better teacher this year and always like working with beginners!

Mid-day sun in late fall. PC: Vince Puzick

Vision: Guiding Experiences

Some say it’s the best job in the world. And each new year, each new season, brings opportunities for unique experiences shared between guides and their clients.

Phil Tereyla (Guide)

2022 will be another opportunity to share the enjoyment of fly fishing to many that have never experienced it before. Sharing time and stories with my fellow guides, and continuing to learn from them, is also a big part of any season. While many other facets about the coming year excite me, heavy hatches, dry fly eats, and fist bumps with great people top the list. I’m most thankful for another year with the opportunity to spend time outside doing what I love with great people.

Juan Ramirez (Guide)

2021 was a great year for fishing dries, and I expect the same for the upcoming year. My Vision for 2022 is to throw a lot of dries again. Light snow years provide lower and more stable flows than heavy snow years. When flows are below 350cfs on the South Platte drainage, the conditions could be great for fish eating adult insects on the surface. You can bet I’ll have the dry fly rods with me.

Zach Tokach (Guide)

For 2022, there’s a lot to look forward to especially on the Stillwater side of this sport. Over the winter while the ice is on, the trout in South Park have time to grow and get even bigger. I’m excited to get my new boat out and chase some of those big fish in 2022.

Neil Luehring (Guide)

One of the best things about fly fishing is that it is a very progressive sport: always something new to learn, somewhere new to go, and new challenges to be faced. There are also new friends to meet, and time spent with old friends doing something that you have shared for many years. My Vision for 2022 is to have more of these lessons, experiences, and challenges. While I hope to travel to some new fisheries this coming year, I also look forward to spending time on our excellent home waters. I look forward to working with clients who are new to the sport and those that are very experienced. I learn from all of them. During the pandemic fishing has been the thing that has felt the most normal to me. Fly fishing has been a lifetime sport for me. I welcome the next season.

I see more high altitude lakes in my future.

Vision: Personal Experiences

Beyond work, though, we all need to refresh or, as Stephen Covey said, “sharpen our saw.” The Vision for 2022 is to create new experiences on the river for ourselves.

Vince Puzick (Guide and Blogger)

I look forward to exploring more high altitude lakes identified in Phil Tereyla’s book, Flyfisher’s Guide to Colorado’s Easy Access Mountain Lakes. Last summer, my wife and I ventured to Potato (Spud) Lake down in the San Juans which we discovered in Phil’s book. What a fun morning that was!  2022 will offer the opportunity to check off a few more of these beauties. 

Jared Sanders (Guide and Retail Team)

I want to expand my own horizons and catch multiple species on the fly rod. I’m looking forward to chasing pike on our local stillwaters and also heading to eastern Colorado to chase some warm water species. If I get the chance to travel, I hope to get my first Permit on a saltwater adventure.  

Hank Haen (Retail Team)

My vision?  I want to leave my 5 weight at home way more often and throw streamers with my 7 weight throughout the year. 

Andrea Pasquan (Executive Assistant)

I’m going to get my first carp. Ever. On a fly rod.

Greg Blessing (Guide)

I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle and spending time on the river instead of in doctor’s offices and hospitals!

Jesse Wittry (Guide)

So 2022 will be the year I turn 40! I didn’t think 40 would hit me so hard but I was wrong. My waist is bigger, my hair is thinning, my body aches for no apparent reason. I realize that I’m getting older fairly quickly and that I can’t control, but in 2022 I want to change the things I can. I will be

  • more outgoing, more positive.
  • a better husband, a better brother, a better son, a better grandson.
  • a positive element in everyone’s life regardless of how I know the person. 
  • work hard to be a better angler, a better guide, and a better co-worker.
  • make 2022 a year of smiles and camaraderie, handshakes and hellos. 

Maybe, just for a start, in 2022 I can make people smile more.

Rachel Leinweber (General Manager and Guide)

The last two years have been filled with fishing for work and staying insanely busy. I didn’t give myself many chances to slow down and breathe. While I have enjoyed every second, especially fishing with some of my favorite clients, the pace isn’t sustainable. My Vision for 2022: I will fish for the love of the sport more than I fish for work. I’ll take the time to breathe and slow down again.

From all of us at Angler’s Covey, we hope 2022 is a year of beautiful relationships, lots of learning, and those rich experiences that only nature can provide. The big Vision for 2022: spend more time on the river.

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