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Fly Fishing Film Tour 2022 (It’s back!)

One of the films in the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour, Common Ground, has this line: “The people are what made me follow this path …. Whether it was a preacher or a biker, being [an angler], you always find common ground.” The quote captures the spirit of fly fishing. And I know it captures the spirit when we come together for a night of great films and camaraderie all for a great cause.  All proceeds support the Colorado Springs chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Join us on February 5, 2022 at Stargazers Theater for a night of films, food, and chances to win in our raffle and guide auction!

It’s been a while.  With the pandemic, we weren’t able to have a film tour last February – and we missed the chance to get together with you all!  Finally, we get a chance to come together again to stoke our passion for fly fishing and support the veterans who have served our country. 

The Stories

The stories we hear from some of our veterans make the Film Tour a very special event. 

Larry Fivecoats and his grandson.

A few years ago, Larry Fivecoats, a Vietnam War veteran, spoke at the film tour.  When he talked of the impact that Project Healing Waters has had on his life, he said, “It does make us better people. Better husbands. Better fathers. Better brothers. It’s all part of coming home, all the way.  For some of us, it just takes a little longer.”

At the 2017 Film Tour, veteran Brady Busby echoed similar sentiments. As he shared his story — multiple tours in Afghanistan, PTSD, a traumatic brain injury — he also told us about his daughter’s observation. 

When he asked her about Project Healing Water’s impact on his life, she merely said, “It got you out of the house.” 

While he can laugh now, he adds, “I became isolated.  Shut in.” 

And then he said, “Fly fishing changes your heart.”

His comment struck a chord with all of the 500 in attendance. 

“All you think about when you are out there is the fish.  Or you look up and see the place where you’re fishing.  It’s beautiful. There’s an art to catching big fish.  I love it when I am catching fish. And now I love it when I ‘m guiding and others are catching fish.” 

Katie Fiedler Anderson has been a fly fishing guide in Vail, Colorado for over a decade. The short film, “Phoenix”, tells a story of passion, as Katie and her husband take a leap of faith in order to inspire their 4-year-old daughter to chase her dreams no matter what the obstacle. PC: F3T.

The Films

The line-up of films this year brings to the screen what we have come to expect from the F3T: great adventures into salt water excursions; the story of a mother passing on the passion to her young daughter; an invitation into the lives of legends or places where legends are made; and one more destination (at least) added to our bucket list.

If you want to take a quick peek into the 2022 Films, check out this “Stoke Reel.”

For a little deeper dive into the films this year, check out the individual trailers:

Missy and Darren are accomplished anglers and stewards of both the resource and the culture. To them, it’s one big family. And in this family, everyone is brought together by common ground. PC: F3T.

Raffles, Food, and Guide Auction

In the course of the evening, there are opportunities for cool swag and lots of fun. The folks at Stargazers Theater will be selling good film-watching food and beverages.  We’ll have raffles for gear.  One of the highlights of the evening will be the Guide Auction where guides and outfitters will be auctioning off guided trips and fly fishing adventures across Colorado.

The details

In the past, the Fly Fishing Film Tour has sold out. Don’t get stuck wishing you had bought your tickets sooner!

Where:  Stargazers Theater. 10 South Parkside Avenue. Colorado Springs. (Directions)

When: February 5, 2022

Time: Doors open at 5:00pm.  Films begin at 6:30pm

Tickets:  You can buy tickets online here. Or in person at Angler’s Covey.

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